Grand View Athletics Staff

The Grand View Athletic Department is committed to providing student-athletes with high-quality athletic programs to assist in their personal development. We believe that athletics can be used as a vehicle to enhance the collegiate experience and accelerate students' ability to reach their true potential athletically, academically, and socially.


Athletic Office Fax: 515-263-2882

Athletic Training Fax: 515-263-6145

Staff Listing
Troy PlummerDirector of Athletics[email protected]515-263-6050
Britt EinersonAssistant to the Athletic Director[email protected]515-263-6050
Michelle PrangeAthletic Success Coordinator[email protected]515-263-6196
Sports Information Directors
Jeri NagleSports Information Director[email protected]515-263-6040
Kelli GreenwayAssistant[email protected]515-263-6156
Austin SchlatterAssistant[email protected]515-263-6073
Athletic Trainers
Luke SteeleDir. of Athletic Training Services [email protected]515-263-6045
Travis DibbetAthletic Trainer[email protected]515-263-6045
Leah GerberAthletic Trainer[email protected]515-263-6144
Allison SmithAthletic Trainer[email protected]515-263-6144
Strength and Conditioning
Matt PajaHead Strength Coach[email protected]515-263-2987
Shooting Sports
Charlie Mundy[email protected]
Lou YacinichHead Coach[email protected]515-263-2897
Doug BrinkerAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6049
Jim HallmanAssistant Coach
Womens Basketball
Garey SmithHead Coach[email protected]515-263-2944
Kelli GreenwayAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6156
Men's Basketball
Denis SchaeferHead Coach[email protected]515-263-2896
Austin SchlatterAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6073
Men's and Women's Bowling
Melody FeltonHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6034
Keith FeltonAssociate Head Coach [email protected]515-263-6034
Competitive Dance
Stacie HortonHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6047
Nikki WhiteAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6047
Kati BainterAssistant Coach
Men's and Women's Cross Country
Jerry MonnerHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6046
Mike WoodleyHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6039
Austin FlynnAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6033
Travis JohansenAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6057
Joe WoodleyAssociate Head Coach[email protected]515-263-6032
Men's and Women's Golf
Chris WinkelHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6044
Men's Soccer
Blair ReidHead Coach[email protected]515-263-2964
Al DriscollAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6175
Women's Soccer
Ventsi StoimirovHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6159
Deb JenkinsAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6155
Joel ComitoAssistant Coach[email protected]
Chris RennieAssistant Coach[email protected]
Lou A. YacinichHead Coach[email protected]515-263-2965
Destiny WillerAssistant Coach515-263-2965
Men's and Women's Tennis
Kirk TrowHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6157
Austin GrundyAssistant Coach[email protected]
Men's Track & Field
Jerry MonnerHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6046
Seth RobersonAssociate Head Coach[email protected]515-263-6048
Women's Track and Field
Jerry MonnerHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6046
Seth RobersonAssociate Head Coach[email protected]515-263-6048
Men's Volleyball
Donan CruzHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6137
Women's Volleyball
Tina CarterHead Coach[email protected]515-263-2898
Makani CantorAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-2898
Donan CruzAssistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6137
Devon JensenAssistant Coach
Nick MitchellHead Coach[email protected]515-263-6043
Grant TurnerAssistant Coach[email protected]
Jake HelveyAssistant Coach[email protected]
Paul ReedyHead Assistant Coach[email protected]515-263-6059