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Men's Tennis - Sun, Apr. 9, 2017

The Viking Men's tennis team played against Missouri Valley, Baker and Lindenwood- Bellville over the weekend. The team took a tough loss against all three schools with final scores of 8-1 against Missouri Valley, 7-2 against Baker, and 6-3  against Lindenwood.

Andree Stevensson  won all three of his singles matches against Missouri Valley's Abdul Alhamzaui, Baker's Blake Barnard, and Lindenwood's Muscolino. Yasha Litvak also won his singles match against Lindenwood's Cunliffe.

Stevensson and Litvak won two of their doubles matches against Baker with a final score of 8-4 in both matches.

After this past weekend's matches, the Vikings season record is 8-11.

M - Tennis
Overall HAAC Streak
1-2 (.333) 0-0 (.000) Won 1