Athletic Success Program

Athletic Success Coordinator: Academic assistance is a continual process of promoting cognitive growth, building academic self-confidence and encouraging accountability and responsibility. At Grand View, the Athletic Success Coordinator will help create an environment which promotes academic achievement, connects student-athletes to resources on campus that can assist in academic success and assist student-athletes in maintaining academic eligibility so that they can continue to participate in athletics. Grand View's goal is to successfully ensure that student-athletes progress toward a meaningful undergraduate degree.

Study Tables: Through the Athletic Success Program, study tables are available to provide educational and study environments. Student-athletes must learn to balance the demands of being both a student and an athlete as they grow and develop into young adults. Time management is essential when trying to balance practice, travel, and competition with athletics. Because of the unique demands, they are strongly encouraged, and many times assigned, to utilize this service as often as necessary to become a better student.
Study tables are located on the second floor of the Charles S. Johnson Wellness Center in room A206. Study table times vary. Please contact Michelle Prange, Athletic Success Coordinator at (515) 263-6196 or [email protected] , to schedule a time.